Fred Thompson in 2008

March 21, 2007

Thompson in 2008!!

Doug Hagin

Are you a Conservative? Are you tired out and beaten down by the lack of real Conservatism in the modern day Republican Party? Did you just refuse to vote for GOP candidates in the 2006 elections? Maybe you voted while holding your nose, because as bad as many Republicans are, you realize the Democrats are even worse. Are you worn out by supporting a political party that increasingly refuses to honor your support? Do you wish Ronald Reagan would resurrect himself and run again?

If you answered yes to any or maybe all of these questions then do I have great news for you! There IS a presidential candidate true Conservatives can support. Moreover, I mean support while smiling proudly rather than holding their noses. Who is the candidate that you, yes you, Mr. or Ms. Conservative can gleefully vote for in November 2008?

Well, it is certainly not John McCain, with his increasingly Liberal voting record on social issues. And no, it is not Mr. Infidelity Rudy Guliani either. I mean let us face it, Rudy, is about as Conservative as your average Democrat is. And no kids, it is not even Mitt “Look at my Hair” Romney.

No my friends, the man who you should start supporting now, as in today, is a man of character, a man of true Conservative values. He IS pro-life! He IS anti gun control! He WILL be strong in the war on terror. He WILL be pro tax-cuts and WILL fight big spending. He WILL get tougher on the border, and by golly when asked a question he will answer it, as a leader should!

Therefore, by now, you are surely jumping up and down, eager for me to reveal the identity of the man who should be our next president. That man, my fellow Conservatives, is Tennessee’s Fred Thompson!

A couple of weeks ago, I was like you. Despondent and increasingly depressed over the crop of “Conservative” candidates the GOP was pushing on us. Frankly, I was ready to concede the 2008 elections to Hillary “Seize the Oil Fields” Clinton, and nothing could be more distressing or painful than that my friends.

Then I checked out Chris Wallace on Fox News. He was interviewing Fred Thompson, who I have always admired. Thompson announced he was seriously considering a run for the White House. As he answered Wallace’s questions on various topics and issues, it struck me. This man IS what Conservatives have been begging for since Ronald Reagan left office in 1989.

Wallace asked Thompson if he were pro-life, and Thompson, without stammering or looking for a fence to straddle, spoke very clearly. He is pro-life, and he thinks Roe V Wade is bad law, and bad science. Wallace posed the question of gun control and again Thompson made his position extremely clear. Reflecting on the recent federal court ruling striking down the DC gun ban, Thompson said he agreed with the court. The right to own guns IS an individual right, that is what the Constitution says and Thompson agrees with the Constitution!

Now I understand that some Conservatives are under the impression that we have won the fight on guns in America. Trust me, Liberals still would seek to restrict our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Their rhetoric may have changed, but their aims have surely not. No right is more crucial than the right to self-defense. Moreover, nothing is more crucial to that right than the right to own guns.

Thompson also made it clear in his interview with Wallace that he understood how very important it was to continue to fight terrorism in other countries. He gets it! Thompson, I firmly believe understands we are engaged in a war, a long war that can be fought here, or elsewhere. We must not allow that war to come here.

As to the borders, Thompson made his position clear again. He would take steps to discourage more illegal immigrants from coming or staying here. A simple but straightforward strategy isn’t it. It is an impossible dream to think we can deport the millions of illegals here. However, if we take steps to take eliminate the reasons they are coming here and staying here, we will begin to alleviate much of the problem. Thompson was clear. Border enforcement first, discourage more illegals from coming here THEN work of reforming immigration laws so that they make sense.

Throughout his interview, Thompson also spoke directly about the importance of judges not making law in America. He also made it apparent he believes the States should decide issues like civil unions for Gay couples, and I certainly agree. Yes, Thompson does indeed believe in States making decisions largely free of federal intrusions.

Thompson also was clear that as president he would make tough decisions and inspire the American people to support the right course. He sees China as a totalitarian regime, with 200 missiles pointed at Taiwan. That is a serious issue America will have to tackle Fred Thompson understands that. Thompson also made known he will face the issue of reducing America’s dependence on Middle Eastern oil.

I urge y’all to check out his interview and his Senate voting record. This next election is so important to America, we must elect the right leader, and I believe Fred Thompson to be that leader.

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