Wondering Aloud about the Motives of the Democrats (Socialists)

Wondering Aloud About the Motives of Democrats

Dan Abbett

Because those on the left believe that those of us on the right are akin to the “caveman” in a popular insurance commercial, it is possible that they have said a little too much about their intentions with regard to the supplemental funding bill for our troops in Iraq. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D, NY, pretty much summed it up when he declared that the Democrats intend to force the president to “change direction” on his Iraq policy. Stated more directly, they want to force him to endorse their policy of “cut and run.”

On the surface, what the Democrats are stating is that the 2006 elections gave them a mandate to “end” the war in Iraq when explaining their inclusion of a “date certain” for withdrawing our troops, in the supplemental funding bill for the war. There would appear to be a more sinister strategy in their rhetoric however and the key is in making the choice to declare a stated date for withdrawal, that of the president.

Should President Bush be so foolish as to compromise in any way, it would be a major win-win for the Dems. By so doing, not only do the Democrats get to claim that they were just implementing the wishes of the people, they will be in a position to shift the blame to the president when the fan once again becomes soiled.

As suddenly, as they claim the power of oversight to regulate the president’s authority as commander in chief, they will just as quickly restore full authority to the president, as Iraq descends into total anarchy resulting from our pre-announced departure. There is a term for such despicable deceit, “criminal.” All this is purely conjecture of course but curious minds just can’t help but speculate.

What is not open to speculation is that Democrats, in both the House and the Senate, are fully engaged in creating legislation that will force us out of Iraq. It is sadly true that a significant percentage of the population now want this war to end. Even sadder is that this attitude is one that has been created by the Democrats, implemented through their accomplices in the media by smothering the public with endless stories of doom and death. There is a term for this also, “evil.”

What is also certain is that Democrats believe that they can position themselves to be blameless for any consequences resulting from their actions. They give eloquent speeches about the accountability of the president for the mistakes they claim he has made in prosecuting the war in Iraq.

If they are successful in bringing a political end to a war we must win in Iraq, there will truly come a time to be called to account. Who will be held accountable for the coming slaughter in Iraq and who will be accountable when the death toll of the next attack on our soil is not merely 3000 but 300,000? Again, speculation, but should we repeat our pattern of getting out when the going gets tough, what other conclusion could those who wish our extermination reach, other than that they can strike with impunity.

There really is no wondering when it comes to the motives of the Democrats; they have a singular goal, political power, period, the consequences be damned. The legacy of the Constitution, bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers, has become nothing more to the Democrats than an exercise in perception. It is sad testimony to the sacrifices they made to create this great nation, to realize that so many no longer find it worth fighting for.

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