Free These Slaves

April 04, 2007

Free These Slaves

Robert Lee Coeyman Jr.

The government of the People’s Republic of Maryland just decided to issue an apology for Slavery. I would support revoking the American Citizenship of any legislator involved in passing this bill. Expulsion from the United States of America would not be enough. You cannot make a unilateral peace.

Cheap labor and jobs that freemen do not want to do. That sounds like slavery to me. We are importing millions of slaves every day and governments within these United States of America are fully complicit. It does not matter that we trick workers into paying for themselves. In fact, this makes workers into ideal slaves. Modern slaves, workers, embrace their chains so that they cannot be set free.

We keep these slaves in third-world colonies in the first world. Chained with Ego, they isolate themselves from their captors by avoiding English literacy. How hard was it to keep slaves from learning to read? Workers put on their own chains and are padlocked into perpetual servitude with self-esteem. If we had lived in a secular nation back then, the Union would now have more slave labor than the Confederacy.

What if black schools had been met with cries of racism for teaching black children to read and write the English language? In the perfect world of Africa, black children did not need to know anything about mathematics. Imagine a world in which it was intolerant to make black people leave their tribal villages on the plantation and integrate into society. Incidentally, slavery is still practiced in Africa.

How would it sound if we threw out the Kremlin textbooks that teach even our children that wealth evolves in piles on continents and everybody gets to take a share? I do not believe that former Mexicans are stupid. Were we not all made in the image of God? The world would become a different place if we let everybody in on the secret that wealth is only a concept and not a physical thing. A Dollar, like a Peso or a Euro, is worth exactly what somebody else is willing to trade for it.

It is hard to hide the fact that communities that are crime infested become economically destitute. Sweeping the streets and throwing on a few coats of paint will not raise the value of places that nobody wants to go to. Moving in the middle class will not make a third world colony any better. You can move parts of the third world into any place that you like and the colonies will not improve until the hearts and minds of the colonists change. None of this is hard to see.

Third world politics is survival of the fittest. Corruption is a right of the elite as poverty is the right of the general population. Outside of the United States of America, and a few other places, governments are instituted by an elite that thinks itself better than the people that it rules over. Being better than the general population, part of the ruling elite, means that the law is your servant instead of your master. The elite does not want to hear anything about a law of God.

What if former Mexicans learned to read the Declaration of Independence? “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” These are powerful words that mean that the common man has the responsibility to overthrow tyranny. Might this spark a revolutionary war in Mexico?

Consider the chances of unifying the republics of the North American continent when you have three nations of patriots devoted to running their own affairs with minimal government interference. When Israel wanted a king, God gave Israel his law to rule over Israel. They too were freed slaves. Can it happen again when all the slaves are truly freed?




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