Alaskan Otters Frozen-Out by Global Warming

Alaskan otters frozenout by "global warming"


"An extra-cold Winter on the Alaska Peninsula has frozen sea otters out of the bay and pushed them onto the tundra near Port Heiden where they're easy prey for wolves, humans, and hunger," according to the Anchorage Daily News.

The animals were driven out of Port Heiden Bay, about 400 miles Southwest of Anchorage, by an abnormally cold January, February, and March, which kept temperatures near zero and below, completely freezing the bay over. Usual Winter temperatures, according to the paper, remain in the twenties, producing only scattered ice flows. The last time the bay froze over was in 2000. There were other occasions in the early 1970s.



  1. The media and the global warming alarmists always link any warm spell to global warming, but conveniently fail to link cold spells to the notion that there may not be any kind of catastrophic warming at all. 


  2. When it comes to looking at passing weather phenomena, the media and alarmists seem to, in the words of the old country and western line, say, "Who are you going to believe, me or your lyin' eyes?" 


  3. Selection of facts to suit an agenda is not science, it's politics ... or simple-minded foolishness. Anything can be "proved" if one is devious enough. There, in a nutshell, (apologies to all good nuts, everywhere) is the case for anthropogenic climate change. 

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