Anti-Falwell Venom Flows on Leftist Blogs

"I knew something had happened because I went outside and I was suddenly surrounded by Munchkins and they were singing," wrote Aaron on the joemygod blog in one of the comments that actually could be repeated. Bob Owens of, a blog hosted by the Media Research Center, said he was not a fan of Falwell but was "quite disgusted with the pathological hatred displayed by liberal bloggers in their reactions to his death."

"Good riddens!!! (sic)" wrote joe on joemygod blog. Richard Weaver added his thoughts: "What a great way to move into the season of gay pride!!!!"

Falwell, who created the influential Liberty University, founded the Moral Majority, a movement that gave fundamentalist and evangelical Christians a voice in the U.S. political process. He was credited with helping elect Ronald Reagan. Falwell died suddenly while at his office at the university.

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