Note to Johnny Depp About Che Guevera

Excerpt: The cover of the current Rolling Stone magazine features mega movie star Johnny Depp hugging mega rock star Keith Richards. In the world's top-grossing movie of the moment, these two "blood brothers," as Rolling Stone calls them, team up as father-son. Throughout the article, Depp, who moved to Hollywood as an amateur rock guitarist only to see his fortunes blossom elsewhere in the entertainment industry, gushes about the Rolling Stones, and Keith Richards in particular, as his " models, inspiration," etc. etc.

Hanging from Depp's neck during the Rolling Stone photo shoot is his famous pendant with the face of another "counter-culture" legend who serves as a wellspring of Depp inspiration: Ernesto "Che" Guevara.

A few years ago in a Vibe magazine interview, Depp proclaimed his "digging" of Che Guevara.

As a rocker-hipster fan of Che Guevara, Johnny Depp has plenty of company.

"Che Guevara has given rise to a cult of almost religious hero worship among radical intellectuals and students across much of the Western world," proclaimed Time magazine in May 1968. With his hippie hair and wispy revolutionary beard, Che is the perfect postmodern conduit to the nonconformist, seditious '60s."

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