Treason Doth Never Prosper

"Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason?Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason." Ovid


Upon taking office, elected representatives in the United States raise their collective right hands and are sworn to uphold the United States Constitution and to defend the nation from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Jon Kyl and John McCain have both willingly taken the abovementioned oath to defend this nation. Yet, both of Arizona's Senators are actively engaged in the demise of the American culture, the abrogation of American border security in the name of increasing corporate profits through unrestricted illegal immigration and the subsequent demise of the existing wage structure of the American middle class through their unyielding support of SB 1348.

The Amnesty Bill (SB 1348), upon passage, will immediately convey 20 million new "citizens" to the United States. The amount of newly created "Americans" is a staggering number when one considers that the massive immigration efforts of Ellis Island only processed 13 million immigrants during its entire history! However, America is not receiving just 20 million new citizens; entire families will be allowed to join family members who are separated from one another. When one considers that these people have the highest birth rate in the country (5.6 per family), America could literally find itself inundated with well over 100 million new "citizens." Ask yourself, where will get the funds to pay for the massive infrastructure additions (e.g., water, sewer, highways, schools, hospitals, roads, etc) which will be needed to support this massive number of people? In short, the American people will be asked to fund the greatest expansion of population growth in our history in order that the global corporations will have an endless supply of cheap labor applicants.

Ask yourself who the legislation benefits through the addition of at least 100 million new "residents" to our country. Is it the schools which do not have the money in their meager budgets to educate LEGAL American children, much less illegal immigrant children? Has American health care benefited when we consider that nearly 100 hospitals have gone bankrupt due to the court-ordered free emergency room health care that is offered to illegals? Meanwhile, 40 million Americans cannot afford health care. Has the American taxpayer, who is being asked to fund illegal alien social security (i.e., Totalization) somehow benefited as our tax dollars are spent to arrest, educate, feed, and sometimes house these law breakers? Of course not, and if you are an American, and you work for a living, you will not derive any benefit from the hordes of newly created American citizens who will have unfettered access to what is becoming known as the American Golden Goose.

Over the past 25-30 years, the corporations have done their very best to export every possible American manufacturing job, in the name of securing cheap labor. Unfortunately for the corporations, not every American job can be exported. Therefore, the global corporate business plan consists of bringing the cheap labor to America whenever and however possible. Illegal immigration is the easiest available method to achieve this end. With campaign donations along with the promise of the opportunity to compete for higher office, politicians like Kyl and McCain, have all the needed enticements to get both senators to willingly do the bidding of the corporations. Voila, we have SB 1348.

Legalized political bribery has become a necessary business expense for the global corporations. As a case in point, consider the most recent Arizona Senate race, the most expensive senatorial race, in Arizona history, which pitted Jim Pedersen against Jon Kyl. The 2006 election cost nearly 30 million dollars. The result of this bidding war was that the incumbent, Jon Kyl, was re-elected in a landslide. During the campaign, Kyl promised to crack down on illegal immigration. Kyl said he opposed amnesty. Kyl not only proved himself to be a liar, but a traitor for his support of SB 1348.

It is estimated that it will cost a successful candidate nearly a billion dollars to capture the White House in 2008. Do you think that this kind of money is coming from common folk such as you and me? Hence, you have the fundamental reason that America now has a system of legalized bribery in which the corporations help politicians climb the self-aggrandizing ladder of power in the halls of Congress and the White House. In return, self-promoting politicians, such as Jon Kyl and John McCain, do the corporate bidding, which is often obtained at the expense of the American wage earner.

This country has historically imposed the death penalty or life imprisonment on those that would dare to commit treason against the American people. Benedict Arnold is the poster child of treason against the American people as he tried to compromise the defense of West Point during the American Revolution by selling the American plans to the British for the promise of a promotion to the rank of General within the British Army. Can what Kyl and McCain are doing to the American people be considered any less treason when one examines the sum total of the impact upon our country from which we will never likely recover? It is clear that McCain has sold his American soul in exchange for the opportunity to preside over a nation in mortal decline. And Kyl is marching in lockstep with the corporately controlled John McCain.

Treason is a word reserved to describe the most heinous of actions by an individual who would do great harm to their own country. It is a strong term and the use of the term should never be lightly offered. However, I am hard pressed to find a more accurate term in describing the behaviors of Kyl and McCain when we consider the actions of these two politicians who would sacrifice the sovereignty and economic welfare of the American middle class for the opportunity to climb the political ladder.

McCain and Kyl's sedition only worsens when one considers that in section 413, of SB 1348, calls on Congress to speed up the process for the implementation of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (i.e., the North American Union). Just in case you have been sleeping in a cave for the past year, the SPP, or the North American Union as it more commonly called, will permanently remove the sovereignty of the United States by sinking the country into a trilateral confederation with Canada and Mexico (see Before you profess this to be a good idea and don your French Canadian beret or your Central American sombrero, you may wish to consider that currency consolidation is a necessary component of the SPP agreement. As in Europe, when the currencies of the European Union were merged, to the detriment of the wealthier nations, into the Euro Dollar, the American people should be mindful that the exact same "compromises" will take place right here in North America. Yes, the American dollar will soon be merged with the Mexican Peso and the Canadian Dollar into a new currency called the Amero. This means that our American dollar will have to soon be equal to the Peso. Do you think it is likely that the Peso will some day rise to the level of the dollar? Or, is it more likely that the dollar will be manipulated to fall to the level of the Peso in order to achieve this new and threatening unholy alliance with Mexico and Canada? Regardless of anyone's opinion, the equalization process involving the three currencies is well underway.

After reading the previous paragraph, if you have not found yourself grasping the magnitude of this economic threat to all middle class Americans, I would suggest that you "google" foreign exchange rates, and calculate how many Pesos it takes to equal one American dollar. After arriving at the proportional differences between the two currencies, lessen your monthly income by the same ratio. How will you pay your mortgage, make your car payment, or send your children to college? The short answer is that you will not.

The main goal of SB 1348, section 413, is to ensure that the United States will improve the standard of living in Mexico. Why? Because the wealth redistribution that will follow a currency realignment will create a new breed of non-English speaking consumers, armed with former American middle class money, who will now be able to afford corporately manufactured radios, MP3 players HD televisions, Wal-Mart knick-knacks, and cheap automobiles. With the explicit support of McCain and Kyl, SB 1348 will soon become law. Please tell me, if this is not treason against the American people, then what it is? But nobody will ever label it as such because this type of treason is prospering beyond the wildest dreams of the global corporations and the upwardly mobile politicians who are climbing the ladder of political success.

Part Two of this series will provide an in-depth examination of the "fine print" of SB 1348 and what it will mean to the American people along the recall effort, against Kyl and McCain, which has been launched by Mothers Against Illegal Aliens founder, Michelle Dellacroce.

Yours in Freedom,

Dave Hodges Party Chairman Constitution Party of Arizona 602-620-5582

Dave Hodges is a former Republican who left the party, in 2003, because he felt that the party was failing to represent the people. Dave Hodges is not aligned with the political right or the political left. He is a Constitutionalist and believes that the answer to our country's problems lies in following the wisdom of the Founding Fathers and following the United States Constitution. Dave Hodges is currently the spokesperson for the Arizona Coalition to Protect Personal Property Rights which is a grass roots organization which is tasked with the responsibility in assisting Arizonans in the defense of their personal property rights. Dave Hodges is also the Chairperson of the Constitution Party of Arizona. Nationally, the Constitution Party is the fastest growing party in the country and the party now stands as the third largest party. Presently in Arizona, a ballot eligibility drive is underway and will be completed by the fall of 2007. To find out more about the Constitution Party, please visit the web site at Dave has appeared on several radio shows and has written on several web sites across the country. If you would like Dave Hodges to speak to your group, or organization, he can be contacted at



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