Incoming! Mexican Airplanes on Radar

Excerpt:  With the U.S. Department of Transportation pushing ahead to start the Mexican truck demonstration project as early as July 15, Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters met with her Mexican and Canadian transportation counterparts in Tucson, Ariz., April 27 to participate in the first "North American Transportation Trilateral."A major goal of the Bush administration is to open the United States to Mexican and Canadian airplanes as well as Mexican trucks.

The April 27 North American Transportation Trilateral also made clear U.S. transportation infrastructure is being reconfigured to meet the increasing demands of globalization and world trade.

Meeting with Mexico's Secretary of Commerce and Transportation Luis Téllez and Canada's Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications Lawrence Cannon, the ministerial meeting was dedicated to defining under the Security and Prosperity Partnership a North American transportation system designed to meet the continental needs of "free trade" agreements, including NAFTA, and the World Trade Organization.

Peters opened the meeting by commenting, "This is an historic meeting – the first time North America's transportation ministers have ever come together for trilateral talks."

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