The Growing Threat of Fascism

Excerpt:  I've believed for some time now that the greatest threat to America's freedoms is not specifically from socialism or communism but rather an "ism" you seldom hear much about these days – fascism.To understand what I mean, most people need to rethink their notions about the political spectrum. At the left end, most people agree, you have communism – total government control over the means of production and property. It's at the other end of the spectrum that many get confused. Ask most left-wingers and they'll suggest that fascism is on the extreme right – 180 degrees from communism. Uh-uh. I've got news for you, friends. Fascism and communism are ideological kissin' cousins. I would place fascism and socialism just a few degrees to the right of communism.

Remember, both fascism and socialism favor – to one degree or another – government control of production and distribution. The only thing that distinguishes fascism from socialism in economic theory is how they get that control.

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