Global Warming Science Settled?

Excerpt:  If your child attends a government school, he or she is being taught the world is heading toward catastrophe because of global warming caused by human activity on the planet and resulting in increased levels of carbon dioxide.If you get your news from the government-friendly news media, you have heard or read similar assertions. If you watch entertainment programming produced by the same corporate interests who spoon-feed you your news, you may be biting your nails right now because of high temperatures this summer.

In short, our culture has bombarded you with scary scenarios of looming climate-change disaster. Your children have been manipulated to urge you to change your light bulbs, turn the thermostat up or down, drive less and make your lifestyle "greener."

You have been told this is no longer a matter of conjecture or theory, but that catastrophic global warming is a matter of settled science. All the experts agree. It's just a few radio talk-show hosts and Internet news sources like WND that suggest otherwise.

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