The Work Open-Borders Libertarians Won't Do

Excerpt:  Open-border fundamentalists seldom address devastating arguments against their case. Maybe they can't. But they generally prefer to respond to philosophically limp positions. Immigration fetishists seem to like advancing positions not worth a straw.The intellectually honest, however, will try to reply to a valid opposing argument, no matter who makes it. Unless he can't. Then he must concede defeat. Alas, among the open-border claque, intellectual honesty is as scarce as unskilled labor is abundant across the land. The scrappy Tibor Machan is one exception. A scholar and a friend, Machan possesses the intellectual energy and honesty to address the hitherto unchallenged arguments I've put forward in opposition to mass immigration. First some background. While he is no Tamar Jacoby (for one, he's prettier), Tibor has expressed, in a column for the Orange County Register, doubts about the findings that, overall, immigrants cost taxpayers more than they contribute. Jacoby just denies facts such as those released by the National Academy of Sciences and relayed by the Heritage Foundation. Accordingly, "each immigrant without a high school degree will cost U.S. taxpayers, on average, $89,000 over the course of his or her lifetime." Having tallied the number of illegal and legal low-skill, uneducated immigrants, the NAS has estimated "in total, all immigrants without a high school education could impose a net cost on U.S. taxpayers of around 1 trillion dollars or more. If the cost of educating the immigrants' children is included, that figure could reach 2 trillion dollars."

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