What Immigration Fiasco Demonstrates

Excerpt:  The most succinct observation I've come across about the failure of comprehensive immigration reform is that of pollster Scott Rasmussen.The American public simply didn't want the bill. Rasmussen's polling indicated the immigration legislation being pushed had the support of just 22 percent of the American public. Rasmussen goes on further to point out just how far detached from the sentiment of the voting public those pushing the bill were. Not only didn't the American public want the bill, but the focus of the immigration debate in the Senate was the opposite of the public's highest concern.

According to Rasmussen, the main concern of the public – 72 percent, according to his polling – is border security. Yet, the main focus of the debate was how to legalize the 12 million-plus here illegally.

How could so many supposed leaders (and, yes, I am afraid we've got to include our own president here) be so detached from popular sentiment?

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