Top 10 Questions for Democrat Presidential Candidates



10. If we can't drill, can't refine, can't mine, can't build nuclear power plants, and can't burn fossil fuels, how can we become "energy independent?" I mean besides returning America to the Stone Age.

9. If we start burning our food to avoid upsetting a few caribou, what will we eat next, and how much will it cost, compared to a gallon of ethanol?

8. Since our federal government has never failed to increase their original projected budget, or outspend that budget, no matter how many times its been increased, why should we believe that you are going to lower the cost of health care, if we let you manage that?

7. Aren't you the folks who came up with the HMO?

6. If Cheryl Crow believes in one square of tissue per wipe, does she believe in one mini-pad per period, and isn't she on your team?

5. If America has already lost in Iraq, who won, and when will we face the victor again?

4. If the people are so stupid that they need you to take care of their most fundamental needs, how do you feel about being elected by the dumbest people in America?

3. If illegal immigration was the key to America's multi-cultural success, was legal immigration a blot on that record?

2. If Hillary Clinton can't make her husband behave like a decent human being, why should we believe that she has the backbone to make Iran, North Korea, Syria, China, or Russia behave?

1. Can anyone run for president now, or does affirmative action limit it to just empty suits from Illinois with no resume, who have a Muslim-sounding name?


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