Dems, Terrorists Have High Hopes for 2008

Excerpt:  Democrats from Boston to L.A. are salivating over the prospects of regaining the White House and retaining control of Congress in 2008. Radical Islamic terrorists – from the secret cells in the U.S. to the secret camps on the Pakistani border – are salivating over the prospects of the Democrats regaining control of the executive branch and retaining control of Congress.Democrats have declared that Iraq will be abandoned to whichever radical Islamic terrorist group has the most firepower and the least respect for human life. None of the Democratic candidates have even addressed the consequences of their declared surrender. Neither has the Democratic leadership in Congress. Forget about an Iraqi constitution, resource sharing and representative government, in which America has invested billions of dollars and thousands of lives. Welcome instead another pre-war Afghanistan, where terrorists tell residents what to wear, what to think and where to direct their next suicide bomb attack. Welcome instead an unchallenged Iran, where nuclear material continues to evolve into the weapon of choice for the terrorists in training in Iraq. Welcome instead an unchallenged Syria, where radical Islamic terrorists continue to build their armies against Israel. Welcome instead an emboldened and strengthened radical Islamic leadership in Gaza that has consistently vowed to drive Israel into the sea.

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