Agenda 21: Educating American Students to Be 'Global Citizens"

Excerpt: The Gullible Person of the Year is anyone who leaves their children in a public school after learning what's truly going on inside their child's classroom. This previous statement has nothing to do with the quality of teachers, administrators, or local school board members. This installment has everything to do with who is determining what American children should learn, and how they should learn it. It is abundantly obvious, based on following the data trail, that the American public education system, through a series of programs (e.g., Goals 2000, School to Work, No Child Left Behind) is being internationally guided for the express purposes of intentionally "dumbing down" American kids and de-emphasizing the value of American citizenship. One would be justified in asking why anyone would want to do such a thing. The answer is multifaceted, and this agenda will be unwrapped for all to examine in the next few parts of this series. When one examines the data, it quickly becomes apparent that today's American children are overtly being prepared for a life of mediocrity. Time-honored principles such as patriotism and the teaching of American students to honor and respect American sovereignty are rapidly being ripped out of American classrooms, and being replaced with notions of global governance and the promotion of a plethora of "global sustainability" programs which owe their origins to the United Nations. Read More: