If You Harbor, Arm,Train, Fund, or in any Way, Support Terrorism, You are a Terrorist

Excerpt: Following rather than leading Britain and Europe, America is indeed well on its way to losing the international war on terrorism. Though each of these nations has stated the correct position on terrorism on many occasions for the benefit of their respective voters, they have all failed to adhere to those words in practice. Each remains under increasing threat of terror attack as a result.


  • If you harbor terrorists, you are a terrorist. 


  • If you assist with the arming and or training of terrorists, you are a terrorist. 


  • If you provide logistical or financial support for terror activities, you are a terrorist. 


  • If you work against those who are trying to hunt, capture, or kill terrorists, you are a terrorist. 

Terrorism is defined in general terms as the use of violence or the threat thereof, specifically aimed against unsuspecting civilian targets, for the purpose of coercing entire societies by way of fear, for political purposes. In short, it's the use of extreme violence against defenseless targets in an effort to force an extreme agenda upon the masses through death, destruction, and fear.

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