Political Correctness Continues Support of Terrorist Factions Against West


On 6 June 1944, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivered one of the most arguably powerful prayer speeches in history given by an American president. Over Radio, Roosevelt’s speech was given as allied forces comprised of Americans, Brits and Canadians battled valiantly on the beaches of Normandy. This was D-Day in World War II. If the same speech were given today, in an ACLU and terrorist-accepting (if not terrorist-friendly) society, current presidents—most specifically Republican presidents—would be vilified. As a matter of fact, President George W. Bush has already been soundly denounced by the media and those who would placate the opponents of humankind for one word he used to describe a campaign against these enemies of humanity.


Note: The word used by President Bush was crusade and the terrorist and Western ‘mainstream’ media, alike, excoriated Bush for using it—just days after the brutal Islamist 9/11 attacks on the United States of America.

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