Global Warming in 1907

Excerpt:  It is widely agreed that the global mean temperature has increased .07 degree C. over the last century. It is also widely agreed that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased from about 280 parts per million, or ppm, to nearly 380. And there is general agreement that at least some, if not most, of the increase in atmospheric carbon is the result of humans burning fossil fuels. Here's where the agreement ends.One side – Al Gore and the global warming doomsayers – contend the warming is the result of the increase in carbon dioxide. The other side contends the warming is consistent with past natural climate variations and that the human-caused increase in atmospheric carbon has little or nothing to do with the increase in global temperature. Now suppose Al Gore lived a hundred years ago, with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in control of Congress, and any one of the current Democrat candidates in the White House. Had all this collected genius lived in 1907, they would have, no doubt, convinced the nation that growth in atmospheric carbon dioxide had to be stopped to prevent Florida and half of New York from being flooded by a 20-foot sea-level rise. Suppose they had succeeded in enacting legislation to virtually stop the growth in CO2 in the atmosphere.

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