Relearning Lessons of Vietnam

Excerpt:  It's funny how two people can read the same thing and come away with two strikingly different conclusions of it.Like veteran columnist Georgie Anne Geyer, I, too, read the current issue of Foreign Policy magazine with its 40-year-old memo about Vietnam, which the editors suggest contains lessons about our current quagmire in Iraq. But, unlike Geyer, I have not allowed revisionist historians to impose their version of Vietnam on me.

In her most recent nationally syndicated column, she writes this about Vietnam: "After the Americans withdrew, in momentary humiliation, from the coasts of Vietnam by ship and helicopter, there were few regional consequences of the foolhardy war. No other country in Asia became communist, as Washington's 'domino theory' had long predicted; in fact, the communist giant, China, followed the Singapore economic model of controlled economic freedom instead of Marxism's state control."

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