The Words of Daniel Finally Unsealed

Excerpt:  It's hard to imagine how much America – and the world – has changed in just my lifetime. I was born at the beginning of the Depression. The United States was only a second-rate power until I was a young teenager. It emerged from World War II as a world power. By the time I was in my 20s, America was an undisputed superpower.During the Cold War years, the world was essentially divided between two superpowers – The Soviet Union and the USA. I witnessed America rise from secondary power to become the greatest superpower on earth when the Soviet Union crumbled under the weight of its failed economic system. Concurrently, I watched America's power decline from within. I witnessed the growing influence of socialist, liberal, secular humanist professors in our major universities during the 12 years I worked with college students. This influence spread as their students carried these ideas into careers in the media and politics.

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