Racism Charge No Reason to Apologise


As expected, my last piece on no longer apologizing to Muslims drew the expected responses. Here are a couple….

"Ya know, I'm old enough to remember when folks talked about black people this way. Somehow managed to repeat only the bad stories, the worst examples, the ugliest crimes. Complained that "they" were demanding too much, that "they" ought to stop trying to change the way "we" liked things to be. People really did that (some still do). They didn't see themselves as bigots, but realists, just telling it like it is.

"I am tired of apologizing to Muslims"

They too said they were tired of apologizing, but ya know, I never heard them apologize at all."

And there was this one.

"Bob, what name would you call yourself? You've used the words intolerant and unapologetic. You've described Muslims in the worst terms possible. Is there another word besides racist that you would like us to use?"

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