Haditha Massacre: Media and Terrorist Hoax?


As charges against US Marines—with regards to an apparent fabrication of the “Haditha massacre”—continue to be proved false and based upon unsubstantiated “evidence”, only some of the leftist media appear to be standing by their original spin on the story.  This media’s bent was based upon their proposition that the Islamist terrorists were telling the truth that the accused Marines were guilty of murder.  Of note is that this twisted account was picked up by leftist members of the US Congress—including former Marine and House Rep. Jack Murtha (D-PA)—who helped their media spread the poison.  Based upon no evidence at all, Murtha said that the accused Marines had “killed innocent civilians in cold blood” and “I know there was a cover-up someplace!”  Neither of these ill-advised statements has proven to be true.  In fact, they have been confirmed to have been bogus.  But, it didn’t matter as the “we hate the US Military and will say anything we want about it” crowd was in fine form and—with no evidence whatsoever—had already begun its renewed campaign against US soldiers.  This same group also strongly implied these soldiers were murderers; a charge that has now shown to be both unwarranted and patently false.  

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