"Gay" Activists Come Up with 'Killer Argument': We'll Have to Whack You

Excerpt:   Homosexual activists have come up with a killer argument -- without Gay Straight Alliances in the schools, "gay students" will be forced to whack their classmates.

          Go to the website -- www.gaystraightalliance.org  (not the official website of the Gay Straight Alliances, but one that presumably reflects their worldview) and scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, where you will find the following:

          "Without GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) access, students are forced to simply kill classmates who taunt and bully -- shooting, stabbing and poisoning are the common forms of retribution. Far too many government officials like bullying children to the point where retribution against classmates and faculty is the only option to redress relentless human rights violations in many regions. Speciously-named 'pro-family' leaders are child molesters who make money stigmatizing homosexuality to silence gay victims."

          There you have it:

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