NAU Deniers: Ignorant, or Deceitful?

Excerpt:  There is a difference between stupid and ignorant. The talking heads at Fox News are not stupid. But the three guests on Brit Hume's Tuesday night telecast who snickered at the "conspiracy nuts" who are concerned about the emergence of a North American Union are either ignorant, or deceitful. Here's the question: Is the NAU fact, or fiction?Ridicule is a time-proven way to discredit opponents and redirect attention away from the issue at hand. Consider how President Bush avoided answering a direct question during a press conference in Canada Tuesday. When asked, "Can you say today that this is not a prelude to a North American Union?" Bush didn't say yes or no; he hemmed and hawed and told reporters: "I'm amused by the difference between what actually takes place in the meetings and by what some are trying to say takes place." Read More