Liberals Achilles is Desire to be Loved

Excerpt: I have spent a good part of my life trying to understand people I disagree with, whether on the right or the left, whether members of my own religion, or of other religions or of no religion. In particular, I have wanted to understand people who hold leftist positions. Many people who hold them are personally decent, some very much so – yet they hold positions that I believe increase cruelty (e.g., advocating withdrawal from Iraq); increase criminality (e.g., more lenient attitudes toward punishing criminals); hasten the decline of Western society (e.g., pushing multiculturalism); and undermine liberty (e.g., expanding government, passing more and more laws, taking away ever larger percentages of citizens' money).

They also panic easily (e.g., heterosexual AIDS in America, carbon dioxide emissions leading to global catastrophe); and the further left one goes, the more morally confused they are (e.g., the inability to label the Soviet Union an "evil empire"; the exaggeration of America's flaws – it is sexist, imperialist, racist, homophobic – and the undervaluing of its virtues).


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