Elian and Saul: A Pro-Immigrant Puzzler

Excerpt:  Elvira Arellano says that "comprehensive immigration reform" is needed to prevent the breakup of families like her own. Arellano is an "immigration rights activist," which is what the media call an illegal alien who had been arrested for using a fraudulent Social Security number. When she was deported, she opted to leave her 8 year-old American-born son, Saul, behind in the states, although she could just as easily have taken him with her back to Mexico. As scripted, her fellow activists are now demanding that she be allowed to return, supposedly for the sake of reuniting with her child. Strange, but last time we heard about a small Latin American boy who was in the U.S., and separated from his parent, the liberal-approved solution was to return Elian Gonzalez to Cuba at gunpoint. It was not to have his father remain here with him, and it was certainly not to allow Elian to stay in America with a surrogate family, as Saul is now doing. In order to understand the purpose of this double-standard, it is important to consider the media's treatment of the nations involved in these respective incidents.

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