Trans-Texas Corridor, Can This Possibly Be Stopped?

Excerpt:  Perhaps it isn't going to be as easy for big government and big business magnates to abusively strip Americans of their homes, their businesses, and their property as they originally thought it would be following the latest Supreme Court ruling on eminent domain. In an analysis published by RenewAmerica not long ago titled "A three pronged attack to bring down America," I dealt to some extent with the Free Trade Agreements NAFTA and CAFTA, and I outlined some of the potential threats involved. One of the things I touched on is what has been called "North America's SuperCorridor." This is a byproduct of NAFTA that is to be a highway four hundred yards wide. Actually, there are plans in the works that will link another stretch of highway to this "SuperCorridor" that is to run up from Panama to facilitate plans being made for the sake of CAFTA as well, but I lack both the time and the room get into all that here.

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