Hate Crime Plan, Speech Codes Lurking in Senate

Excerpt: While California hate-crimes laws are being used to target "pure speech," a federal plan that would impose similar speech restrictions on Christians "is still lurking in the shadows" in the U.S. Senate, warns a team of civil rights advocates. The warning comes from the Pacific Justice Institute, which is running an online petition campaign right now to alert people to the dangers the pending legislation poses.

As WND reported earlier, the federal plan, H.R. 1592, was approved by the U.S. House of Representatives, and then when it got to the U.S. Senate, instead of holding hearings and a vote, senators tried to attach it to another bill as an amendment, a maneuver that would have prevented any public input on the plan.

That effort failed, but that doesn't mean the American public is safe from the dangers the federal legislation poses, according to Matt McReynolds, a staff attorney for Pacific Justice.

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