New Hollywood Films Attack Foot Soldiers


Joining Senator Schumer and other prominent Democrat leaders, the Hollywood Entertainment Complex (HEC) is in full attack mode against the US military. But, this time it is not only attacking military leaders. This time, the leftist industry it is going after the individual soldier. What the leftist media could not completely accomplish with their faked “Haditha Massacre” stories, Hollywood hopes to affect with a new crop of anti-American and, now, anti-soldier films. Brian De Palma’s new film ‘Redacted’ apparently hopes to resurrect images of the now discredited Haditha scenario with his own brand of vilify-the-troops fiction.


Note: Nowadays, we can all count on both the ‘Mainstream’ media and Hollywood filmmakers to provide all the fiction they’re able to produce. As the leftist media is not even required to produce news stories based upon facts, there is no longer any discernable difference between these two entities.


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