The White and Black Eye-for-an-Eye


The Fox News morning show just had on the Reverend Al Sharpton, who was apparently decrying the lack of attention being given to the Jena Six in Louisiana. As most of you know, I've written recently against what I believe is race exploitation by liberals like Amy Goodman at "Democracy Now!". I believe it to be exploitation when one side's plight is regarded as a travesty while ignoring other stories that have other people just as outraged.


For that reason, I've always been careful when addressing race issues. The ones I address highlight a double standard, and for that, I get the usual retorts. I'm called many names, and all that tells me is that some are not looking for honest discussion. Some are comfortable in the "victim" role, and for anyone to attempt to hold people responsible for their own actions, you'll incur their wrath and are thus fair game for the very racism they hold in contempt.


I have to be very careful nowadays about what I write about regarding specific race issues. The companies that host the search engines that point people to the sites that carry my commentary, are now very sensitive as to who says what about whom. For example, I cannot say that "some Muslims" are terrorists. While that may be an accurate assessment based on current events, if I am not "specific", a company may opt to drop that site from their search engines. Racial insensitivity is not allowed. That is, depending whom that insensitivity is being directed.


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