Why Craig's Bathroom Tap Dance Enables Assault on Family Values

Excerpt:  I was once again saddened and disappointed by yet another revelation of a scandal within the ranks of the Republicans. This time it was Idaho Senator Larry Craig who was allegedly caught "with his pants down," by soliciting sex with a stranger in an airport men's restroom. Supposedly Craig made some sort of hand gestures underneath a toilet stall partition, and did a tapping sequence with his foot, that unmistakable identified his desire to have a sexual "hook-up" with a man in the adjacent stall. Unfortunately for Craig, the other guy happened to be a cop.For my part, I am hopeful that Craig resigns as he implied that he would, rather than letting incident grow longer legs. There are some rumors that Craig might fight his original guilty plea based on the loophole of legislative immunity that the Constitution accords representatives as they travel to and from legislative sessions. Craig plead guilty to a minor charge at the time of his arrest, hoping that he could dodge the publicity that would come from fighting the charges. Obviously, that strategy backfired big time. Read More