Tasers OK for Americans but not for Illegals

Excerpt:  Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., is asking the U.S. Office of Detention and Removal Operations to explain why it's OK for jailers to use Tasers to control inmates who are U.S. citizens but not those who are in the country illegally.Yesterday, the lawmaker – and GOP candidate for president – sent a letter to DRO Director John Torres expressing concerns over new regulations imposed on local jails that contract with his agency to detain illegal aliens prior to their trials and deportations. The new regulations ban contracting with local jails that fail to ban use of Tasers on illegals or supply them with a "pad," rather than a "bed." The Taser, an electrical device that shocks its target with 50,000 volts, is commonly used as a non-lethal means of controlling inmates in jails across the U.S. The use of sleeping pads is common and legal in jails where they are often supplied because of overcrowding.

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