Democrat Leaders Become More Radicalized


Once long…long ago there existed a Democrat Party in the United States of America that truly believed that country should and must survive. It believed that the reasons for the country’s existence were worth protecting. The members of this political party also believed that it should assist in defending that country and its citizens against all those who would attack and attempt to destroy it. They supported the men and women who enlisted in the US’ citizen-military and some of them had even served in one of its branches. But, that was another time—in another reality. That political party and its members no longer exist.


Instead of the once pro-American group, a new Democrat Party emerged. This one was patently anti-American. This new Democrat Party is being directed and run by the radical leftist-funded-by-anti-USA multi-millionaires and billionaires group This group demands unwavering obedience of all Democrat politicians to its anti-war/anti-American tenets. As heavily funds Democrats and their Party (claiming ownership of said party), it believes it has the right to call all of the shots. So, it has largely replaced multiple Democrat Party groups. This is the same radical group whose founder Eli Pariser said of the Democrat Party in 2004: “Now it is our Party. We bought it, we own it, and we’re going to take it back!” This same extremist organization has run a full-page Ad in the decidedly leftist New York Times that accuses General David Petraeus of being a traitor to his country—for doing the job and providing the report that Congressional “leaders” sent him to Iraq to affect. Congress also required that General Petraeus write and deliver a report to it on his progress.

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