Gangsters and Fools in Jena

Excerpt:  So, let me get this straight. Some local yahoo, say, tags my car with racial epithets or something of that nature. It makes the news and angers black folks. Months later, a white man is beaten nearly to death by some black guys in a bar. Am I to believe that the reasonable upshot ought to be the media and a cadre of professional civil rights activists descending on the city and thousands marching in the streets justifying the beating because my car got tagged?Is that what I'm supposed to believe – and am I supposed to agree that public outrage over prosecution of the perpetrators of that beating is justified? You calling me stupid?

"The Jena 6" – it even sounds like the '60s, which is exactly where the media and the poverty pimps (the aforementioned professional civil rights activists) want to keep America in spirit.

"Enough is Enough!" say the T-shirts.

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