Senate Slaps American People in the Face---Again!


The Democrat-run Senate has provided We-the-People with yet another example of its aversion to the will of US citizens. Despite the fact that the American people, in overwhelming numbers, told both Houses of Congress that they did not and do not want any Amnesty Bill for any illegal aliens—the Senate is determined to pass one. Now Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and his pro-illegal-invasion bunch are working diligently to push through the DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act. This is the same bill that provides the receipt of benefits for illegal aliens’ “children” that are either not provided or are far greater than the benefits provided for US citizens’ children.


Note: It now seems almost impossible to count on our elected officials to actually uphold any laws with which they disagree or those that will not promote their political and personal agenda and ambitions. It is also becoming seemingly hopeless to even remotely believe that either Democrats or RINOs are listening any longer to the majority of the US electorate. This is the same US Congress that still patently refuses to build any fence to protect our US southern borders.


These Senate “leaders” are now planning to push the DREAM Act through by including it as a rider to HR 1585—a Department of Defense authorization bill. These senators who now adamantly refuse to listen to the will of the American people are determined to allow hordes of illegals to enter the country—placing the American people in even further jeopardy. They are also committed to the destruction of the US southern border. Why? Answer: For the perceived Hispanic vote. Talk about racist!

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