Socialized Medicine is not the Solution

Excerpt:  Despite the claims of socialists, Democrats and many others, there is no "right" to adequate health care. Rights are endowed by the Creator and are limited to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All other so-called rights are manufactured by governments. Governments are not empowered to grant rights; governments can only limit or extinguish rights. Governments can, however, bestow gifts upon its citizens. But to do so, governments must first take resources from those who have earned them and redistribute those resources to others.HillaryCare, ObamaCare, EdwardsCare and every other form of socialized medicine is inherently fraught with fraud, abuse and corruption. What's more, these systems are necessarily designed to reduce the level of service while driving up the costs. Medicare should be a sufficient example to send all voters running away from any suggestion of getting the federal government any deeper into the health care business. Economists and politicians alike predict the collapse of the current government-run health care program. It makes no sense at all even to think about expanding government's roll in the medical business. There is simply no way government can run a health care program that will not end in disaster.

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