Vote on National Heritage Area LAND GRAB Wednesday: Call Your Representatives

Excerpt:  On Wednesday, the House Natural Resources committee will vote on an enormous National Heritage Areas land grab bill that would empower and enrich anti-property rights special interest groups.We must ACT NOW to stop it! Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) plans to quietly introduce the "Celebrating America's Heritage Act" which would create six, count them SIX, new national heritage areas, including the highly controversial "Journey Through Hallowed Ground" heritage area. The elitist special interest groups lobbying for this bill already received a sweetheart one million dollar earmark, presumably from Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), to lobby for his pet, land grab project. Now they stand to get another $15 million should the Grijalva bill pass. Money they will spend lobbying for property rights restrictions.

Should Grijalva's bill become law, anti-property rights interest groups and the National Park Service will have the power to force land use restrictions on countless property owners across the nation.

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