A Jena Six "Why" Revealed

Excerpt:  There are many aspects of the Jena Six saga that have slowly come to light.  Some very pertinent questions are beginning to be answered.  The answers will probably be brushed aside as it goes against the very template some use to exploit race in what was a law enforcement matter. I have taken the position that the six young boys involved shouldn't have put themselves in the situation they now find themselves.  Sure, they are young, hotheaded, and they initial gestures made by the white kids who hung the nooses should never have been excused, or treated as lightly as they were.

But in a report I saw on ESPN's "Outside The Lines" portrayed Jena as a small community where people did get along.  Sure, it wasn't a utopia, but when the opportunists got a chance to thrust themselves into the story, it blew up into the power keg that justified the participation of the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  It's always unfortunate that these two can come in, join in a well-publicized and media covered event, just to leave the infiltrated township more divided than before the events that started it all happened.

"While we applaud the actions of Louisiana's Third Circuit Court of Appeals last Friday (Sept. 14) vacating the conviction of Mychal Bell, this is only a first step to address the human rights issues in this case.  Authorities must take immediate further action to ensure that the overall culture of the school respects human rights and promotes understanding across communities." – Ajamu Baraka, executive director of the U.S. Human Rights Network, 9/19

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