Walter Cronkite Promotes Law of the Sea Treaty

Excerpt:  Dan Rather is making headlines suing his former employer, but Rather's predecessor, Walter Cronkite, is busy promoting world government. Cronkite has just surfaced as one of the 101 "prominent leaders" signing a letter urging Senate passage of the Law of the Sea Treaty. His CBS affiliation is listed on the letter, making it seem as though the media giant is taking sides in the debate over the pact. This would not be surprising; media coverage has been overwhelmingly pro-treaty. A news conference I participated in on September 26 to oppose the treaty was ignored by most of the media. However,,, and the Washington Times were among those covering it.Cronkite, a cranky liberal in his old age, has also been a fundraiser for many years for the World Federalists, who have declared that the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), by creating an independent source of revenue for the U.N. through a global tax, signals the emergence of a world government. Read More