Duncan Hunter Wants to Keep Pressure on Terrorists

Excerpt:  WND: What do you think of Tom Tancredo's idea of establishing a deterrence against nuclear terrorism by establishing targets for possible retaliation?

Hunter: I haven't reviewed Mr. Tancredo's idea. What I think we're going to have to have in this long war against terrorism is the ability to pre-empt the development of weapons of mass destruction, whether it's the continuing progress that the Iranians are making with respect to refinement of weapons grade material that one day could result in a nuclear device or other nations moving toward the development of weapons that could give terrorists enormous leverage against Americans and their interests. That means we're going to have to have a strong intelligence capability with an emphasis on human intelligence. We're going to need a reactive capability manifested in our line forces and our special operations forces and also have the ability to make deep strikes and long distance strikes in very remote parts of the world. Those are some of the things I think the United States will have to acquire during this period that I call terrorists with technology.

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