UCSC Named Worst University in US

Excerpt:  I was scanning the Internet for interesting articles when I came across an article by David Horowitz naming University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) as the worst university in the US. The article piqued my interest since UCSC is our local university and since UCSC has been suspected of being a cesspool of Liberalism. Horowitz gives credit to UCSC's hard science programs but stated that UCSC's Liberal Arts program drags the university down to “the most radical university in the United States.”In his treatise, “The Worst School in America,” Horowitz writes, “In its formal regulations, California’s public university system makes clear that its campuses must observe clearly defined academic standards and that political indoctrination is an abuse of its classrooms and students. This is a contract not only between the university’s faculty and its administration but between the university and the public, whose taxpayers support it. [The Regents] are responsible to see that the University remain aloof from politics and never function as an instrument for the advance of partisan interest. Misuse of the classroom by… allowing it to be used for political indoctrination… constitutes misuse of the University as an institution.” Read More