Phony Soldiers, Phony Outrage, and Phony Patriotism


Once again, liberals have wandered into the unfamiliar waters of patriotism, righteous indignation, and pontification offered in “support of the troops.” And once again, their moral and philosophical bankruptcy, their intellectual dishonesty, and their overarching hysterics reveal far more about themselves than about their intended target, in this case radio giant Rush Limbaugh.

Congressional and Senate Democrats, along with the entire liberal political cabal, have been in a staged uproar ever since last week when Limbaugh made reference to Jesse McBeth and Scott Thomas Beauchamp who, adorning themselves with fraudulent credentials as members in good standing of the United States military, have been caught in blatant fraud, as they seek to make a case against the war.

Limbaugh’s attackers have intentionally mischaracterized his criticism of such individuals as a blanket assault on the U.S. armed forces, asserting that he derided any troops who oppose the war as “phony soldiers.”

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