Wanted: A Canadian Rush Limbaugh

Excerpt:  Harry Reid is the Democrat's chief blowhard in the Senate. He has been for years. This week, he's set himself up as a candidate for Idiot-of-the-Year by launching an all-out attack on leading conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh. And get this: Mr. Anti-military is camouflaging his attack as a defense of the military!Distorting a comment Rush made about "phony soldiers," Reid has called for an official rebuke of Limbaugh from the floor of the Senate. This case is an excellent illustration of why Canadian conservatives desperately need to launch a media revolution. More on that in a moment.

Liberals love to make fun of conservative media pundits like Rush, but even more than that, they love to pretend that guys like him are irrelevant and inconsequential.

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