The Great Ideological Divide Within Christendom

Excerpt:  The history of Christianity has been replete with examples of various theological disagreements and contrary schools of thought, even within the pale of orthodoxy.  Modern times have provided us no relieve from this syndrome, which speaks to the inherent imperfections of human discourse and understanding.   There is one concept, more than any other, which can account for the great religious polarization within the Christian community, as well as the blue/red divide so evident in the political realm.   As a teenage youth and a fresh convert to Christianity from a nominal belief in God, I never perceived distinctions such as "liberal Christians," or "conservative Christians." I knew only that there were "Christians," who I thought were predominantly like minded. However, soon after my conversion, I had at least a vague conviction that being a Christian had certain implications for the positions I took in favor of, or in opposition to, certain cultural issues.   Read More