Can Scotch Tape Heal America?

Excerpt: Never have I truly appreciated the freedom of speech until I exercised it against those who pretend to advocate it. Steadfast and resolute, the self-determined custodians of the First Amendment put forth stringent arguments why it was imperative to have Ahmadinejad speak at Columbia University, as if the whole Constitution was in imminent jeopardy if this proven terrorist and murderer didn't address the Ivy League student body. I was against him speaking. So in the name of the freedom of speech, I spoke up against it, in quite a benign manner I might add. I said Ahmadinejad shouldn't speak and tore my diploma. The end! I didn't call for the end of Islam nor of Ahmadinejad himself. That's all! But what followed. OY! The stream of insults, threats and harassment haven't ended. In news' years, this story should be older than the gramophone. But no, the warped music still plays on. Some have called for my liquidation, others have called me, well a dumb blonde who is bereft of any proof of brains since tearing her diploma (the writer in me can appreciate a great line). But, I have one question… why do their guts and gall only manifest against such fragile targets such as I? Why didn't the advocates of free speech storm the stage at Columbia University as they did against Gilchrest, when Ahmadinejad said there are no homosexuals in his country. Where was the gay pride parade then? Why didn't they storm the stage when he questioned the Holocaust? Where were the good home-baked pies they threw at Ann Coulter (another dumb blonde?)? Were these brave advocates of free speech afraid? Why should they be afraid? Do they know something about Ahmadinejad that we don't know?

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