Dialogue With Terrorists Akin to Diplomacy With Terrorists


The problem with Islamic terrorists is that they say one thing with their lies to the appeasing West and the polar opposite to their own people.  One only need listen to what Iranian President Ahmadinejad says in his speeches to the fawning leftist media and, then, follow up with his messages to the Iranian and Islamic world.  From the Islamist point of view, everything and everyone non-Muslim needs to be irrevocably destroyed.  The media avoids the truth of what is being said by this and other Islamo-fascist terrorist leaders, in favor of the feel-good lies.  This is stupidity in its most grotesque and dangerous guise.  These terrorists cannot be viably dealt with in a diplomatic manner.  Diplomacy never has and never will work with those who have vowed to obliterate the diplomats and their countries of origin. 

I suggest that the same can be said for the current—albeit ongoing—Democrat attack on anything and everyone non-leftist-Democrat that needs to be terminated; with whatever weapon is handy at the moment.   Recently, the leftist George Soros funded Democrat Party money-raising machine MoveOn.org ran a hit Ad against General David Petraeus that accused him—and the entire US Military by association—of being a traitor.  The Ad sparked a national controversy and an eventual Senate vote to condemn the Ad was taken.  (1)  The condemnation vote passed by 72-25—meaning that there were still Democrat senators who, apparently, supported the smear against one of the top generals in our nation.  Note:  This is yet another example of the Democrat revulsion—if not hatred—with the US military.

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