I Must Be From Krypton!


Modern day tales of woe, horrible everyday products that will kill us, constant recalls of everything from toys to bad food to autos, and the new threats of population wipe-outs by global warming and a nuclear armed Iran threaten us on a daily basis. Rising seas, melting ice caps and brain-eating amoebae that lie in our lakes and swimming pools are just some of the perils of the 21st century that bombard us.


Women's health is tended to like never before, there are shots and vaccinations for everything from runny nose to typhus epidemics, and we reattach severed limbs with ease. For many, stem cells have replaced religion as potential sources of everlasting life.


Hurricanes destroy cities that have existed for hundreds of years, and tsunamis level whole countries in Asia. Men go to the moon and back, but we can't stop our history from being rewritten by TV producers, newspaper reporters, Ivy League academics and PBS "historians". Even politicians try to influence others in public bathrooms with cheap shoe tricks and stall wall tapping.

I must be Superman to have survived all that and made it to here.

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