Who's Next? Polyandrous Pedophiles?

Excerpt:  There's another example of liberal double-dealing in the U.S. presidential campaign. This time, it's on the issue of exposing young children to the "reality" of gay relationships.There was a Democratic presidential debate in New Hampshire late last month, and Allison King, a reporter for the New England Cable News, asked the candidates if they would be comfortable having second-graders learn about the realities of "gay love." In case you missed it, her question was phrased like this:

"The issues surrounding gay rights have been hotly debated here in New England. For example, last year some parents of second-graders in Lexington, Massachusetts, were outraged to learn their children's teacher had read a story about same-sex marriage, about a prince who marries another prince.

"Same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts but most of you oppose it. Would you be comfortable having this story read to your children as part of their school curriculum?"