Give Harry Hell---Open Season on the Unpatriotic

Excerpt:  During the phony controversy over Rush Limbaugh's calling phony soldiers "phony soldiers," it went almost unnoticed that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Limbaugh "unpatriotic." If the Democrats' own rhetoric were to be believed, that remark would have been universally met withshock and condemnation. That's because, since the start of the war, conservatives have accepted the premise that it's always wrong to question someone's patriotism, no matter how valid that question may be.

For the past five years, it's been as if the concept of patriotism didn't even exist. Democrats have been free to slander our soldiers with impunity, not even having to pay for it with their reputations, because the Jellyphants across the aisle have lacked the fortitude to confront them over it. Even Limbaugh has bought into the "I'm not questioning your patriotism, I'm questioning your judgment" line.

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