Hidden Agendas in the Global AIDs Campaign


Over the last 25 years, scientists have sampled a smorgasbord of strategies to halt the spread of AIDS: anti-retroviral drugs, vaccines, HIV testing, and so-called “safe sex” advice. Yet this modern-day Black Plague still spreads unchecked and now claims 3 million lives each year. “Unqualified failure” is the phrase that leaps to mind.

But a few years ago someone came up with a bright new idea – why not have persons  take a protective drug just before becoming exposed to the deadly Human Immunodeficiency Virus? Hence the idea of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis – PREP – was born. Enterprising scientists cranked out research proposals and drug companies revved up production lines.

One promising drug was tenofovir, a medicine far cheaper than the other medicines. Groups like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation lined up to invest millions to test this new wonder potion.

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